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Trivia Quiz / by Donald Saltz

1. Should frostbite be treated by rubbing the frostbitten part of the body?
2. What is the more common name for the pomelo fruit?
3. Convert the fraction 3/8 to a decimal figure.
4. How many tons in a megaton?
5. Does "krypton" really exist?
6. What is the largest flatfish?
7. What is the Principle of Archimedes?
8. What kind of baskets were first used by the inventor of the game of basketball, James Naismith?
9. What government paid for the construction of the Erie Canal?
10. Who was president of the United States immediately preceding Abraham Lincoln?

1. No. Other don'ts are immersing in hot water or applying snow. The patient should be warmed gradually and frostbitten areas of the body should be thawed slowly.
2. Grapefruit.
3. .375.
4. One million tons.
5. Yes. It is a rare gas.
6. Halibut.
7. Archimedes, a Greek mathematician of the third century, concluded that the loss of weight of a body immersed in water equals the weight of the water it replaces.
8. Peach baskets were first used as goals, hence the name of the sport.
9. New York State's government. The cost was $7 million which was recovered within nine years in tolls.
10. James Buchanan, 15th president.