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Letter: White House has little control over jobs

White House has little control over employment

Reading through the pros and cons about the Romney controversies, I haven't yet seen anyone else notice something I have.
Both candidates talk about job creation, but the employment deciders are dealing with a global economy. I don't think any candidate in or out of the White House will influence hiring until the "investment class" can hire on its terms. This means repealing labor laws and a minimum wage dictated by government. It also means no business tax burdens, including Social Security.
Since the Reagan era, every business that can afford to has been sending labor costs to the world's poorest and politically regressive countries. And the business leaders have been laughing at the vanishing of a viable American middle class; one of their goals. Taxes? In their perfect world, you tax the peasants, not the economic royalty. In their book, that's being a successful American.
Those who dream of that vision will vote for Romney. I will not be among them.

David Snyder


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