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Letter: Steel plant is unwelcome reminder

Bethlehem Steel plant is unwelcome reminder

May I tell the preservationists what the old Bethlehem Steel plant building means to me? It is a reminder of lives lost, families broken, land decimated and a lake so polluted that it is called out in a Dr. Seuss book.
Did anyone keep count of all the men who were sickened and died because they were unknowingly exposed to asbestos and radiation? Or how many families lost their husbands and fathers way too soon? Look at the footprints left behind - miles of ugly, deserted junk. Those of us old enough can remember how awful Lake Erie was, and how vehemently the plant denied having anything to do with it. Look at our beautiful unpolluted lake now.
Yes, by all means, keep the old building as a fitting tribute to all the lives, hopes and dreams gone because of corporate lies, denial and greed.

Mary Kowalczyk

Lake View