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Letter: Obama must not buckle to Israeli pressure

Obama must not buckle?to pressure from Israel

There has been much written in the media about the ever increasing possibility of an Israeli attack on the nuclear facilities in Iran. The Israeli government is putting pressure on the Obama administration to commit to military action sooner rather than later, which President Obama, to his credit, is so far unwilling to do. What has not been said is the fact that while Israel wants Iran's nuclear ambitions stopped dead, it is widely believed that Israel is already a nuclear power. It is the only country in the Middle East with an advanced nuclear capability. Israel, unlike Iran, is not a signatory to any international agreements regarding the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, and it does not allow outside inspections of its nuclear facilities.

So before the United States gets involved in a third war in the Middle East, which this country cannot afford, we should make it plain to the Israelis that until they commit to becoming a signatory to existing international agreements and open their nuclear facilities to outside inspection, the United States will not back or support any attack on Iran. The time for hypocrisy by the Israelis is over. Their military is the most powerful in the Middle East, thanks to the taxpayers of this country. And until the nuclear playing field in the Middle East is leveled, with both Israel and Iran willing to allow outside observation of their respective nuclear programs, the U.S. government will be seen as just as hypocritical as the current Israeli government is.

Clay Varga