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Letter: Columns by Samuelson, Parker are puzzling

Columns by Samuelson?and Parker are puzzling

Robert Samuelson's column "Are you better off now?" and the likewise rant of Kathleen Parker, "The opinion-as-news contagion," both left me puzzled. Even though I read them twice, I still do not understand what one would benefit, or would learn, from reading them.

"To be sure" Samuelson says, under President Obama, gasoline prices have soared, home values have dropped, although the largest declines occurred before he was elected. "But here, too, continuity reigns." Does he mean reigns like from both President Bushes, who are heavily invested in the oil businesses that affect soaring gasoline prices? That is mind-boggling rhetoric to say the least, but "looking not unlike Peter Parker pre-spider bite, a hapless, nebbish figuratively shoved into his locker, metaphorically robbed of his lunch money," really left me puzzled. Must be most of her readers understand Yiddish; I don't.

Parker moans that "activism posing as journalism is a cancer on the body politic," and ends with "No longer do we get what we pay for, as the adage goes. We get what the activists want - and we all pay for it." That's a contagion? God forbid if it spreads amongst us non-intellectuals and warps our minds. If things are so bad, why does she keep on writing? Ah, it must be for the money. And, as the adage goes, go on and cry me a river, on your way to the bank. It all belongs in the landfill with the rest of the garbage.

John Cappelletti