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TV Q&A by Jay Bobbin

Q: Is it true that "Harry's Law" will not be returning? - Bonnie Meyo, Saint Lucie West, Fla.

A: At the time of this writing, there were no plans for NBC to revive it or for any other network to pick it up.

At this point, the only thing that might tip the situation in the show's favor is if star Kathy Bates wins the honor for outstanding actress in a drama series at the Primetime Emmy Awards tonight. Even then, there are examples of actors who have won Emmys for canceled series, and the shows stayed canceled, so don't put an abundance of hope on that.


Q: What happened to "Dogs in the City?" It hasn't been shown in over a month. - Evelyn Cruikshank, Columbus, Ohio

A: The unscripted CBS series revolving around Justin Silver - skilled in bridging gaps between canines and their owners - was intended only for a limited run at the front end of television's summer season. There's no word yet on whether the network might bring it back next summer or at another time of year.


Q: My husband and I are fans of USA Network shows, and while we knew "In Plain Sight" was drawing to a close, we haven't heard anything about "Fairly Legal." Is it on hiatus? - Linda Schmitt, Whitesboro, N.Y.

A: Yes, and it's unknown just how long that hiatus will be ... temporary or forever. The Sarah Shahi-starring show had a big change in its creative team between its first and second seasons, and whether that was enough to earn it a third year, time will tell. It shouldn't take that much time, though; the series typically has started up in the early months of the year, so a decision should be forthcoming soon.