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Power Rankings / Mike Harrington ranks the MLB teams

(Through Friday night's games, last week in parentheses)

1. Washington Nationals. Somewhere in baseball heaven, the Expos are high-fiving. (1)

2. Cincinnati Reds. Concern growing over Dusty's heart. (2)

3. Texas Rangers. Hamilton needs sinus issue snuffed out before playoffs start. (3)

4. San Francisco Giants. Good call by all to get Melky out of batting race. (6)

5. New York Yankees. They hit Toronto for four games starting Thursday. (7)

6. Baltimore Orioles. Extra-inning success reaching historic proportions. (5)

7. Atlanta Braves. Medlen's roll could carry them through October. (8)

8. Oakland Athletics. Loss of Anderson is trouble. (4)

9. Chicago White Sox. Hoping 6-12 record against Royals doesn't kill them. (10)

10. Los Angeles Angels. Running out of time. (13)

11. Tampa Bay Rays. Maddon won't let them quit, but they're just about toast. (9)

12. St Louis Cardinals. Solid debut for Carpenter. (11)

13. Detroit Tigers. A Triple Crown on a non-playoff team? Miggy might do it. (12)

14. Milwaukee Brewers. Trade Greinke, go on 24-6 run, get back in race. Bizarre. (17)

15. Los Angeles Dodgers. Stunned to see double-digit deficit. (14)

16. Philadelphia Phillies. With that rotation, look out if they sneak in. (15)

17. Arizona Diamondbacks. Impressive Reno affiliate beat PawSox for Triple-A title. (18)

18. Pittsburgh Pirates. From 16 games over to another losing season? Terrible. (16)

19. San Diego Padres. 38-25 record since break is hope for future. (20)

20. Seattle Mariners. Last nine against Angels and Athletics. (19)

21. Kansas City Royals. I have to say something about them every week? Why? (22)

22. Boston Red Sox. Tweet from Varitek's wife after Rays' six-run ninth: "Did that just happen, again?" (24)

23. Toronto Blue Jays. When it comes to the Bisons, they will be the anti-Mets. (21)

24. Miami Marlins. Chipper loved Fish's going away gift: Fly rod and reel. (25)
25. Minnesota Twins. Next eight vs. Tigers, Yanks. (26)

26. Cleveland Indians. Fire everybody. (27)

27. Colorado Rockies. Won't lose 100 for first time. (28)

28. Chicago Cubs. Set Wrigley record with 1:28 a.m. finish against Bucs. (29)

29. Houston Astros. Series against Phillies a rare bright spot. (30)

30. New York Mets. Bye-bye. Don't ever come back. One-week stint at bottom out of principle. (23)