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Letters / Our readers speak out

Once again, hockey fans are?the real victims of labor war

Once again the NHL season comes to a screeching halt. Simply put this is a standoff between millionaires and billionaires. This is a tug of war over splitting up the pie.

Who really suffers here are the fans. The fans buy the tickets and jerseys. In essence, fans are the pie makers. Most fans are simple middle class folks. They have come up with thousands of dollars each year to buy season tickets. Fans are the ones that sometimes have to make tough decisions to do without in order to pay for their tickets. These are passionate fans, willing to sacrifice for the greater cause, their love of the sport.

So we wait, for these wealthy men to argue over money. Will they sacrifice for the greater cause? I would love to see fans all across the U.S. and Canada show solidarity and stay away from the arenas for the first game after the lockout ends. Wouldn't that be something, playing games in empty arenas?

That won't happen. Why? Love of the game.

Jim Couch


The only game in NHL: ?millionaires vs. billionaires

The inevitable hockey lockout has begun. Billionaire owners against millionaire players. Who do you think will win? One of the consequences of this is that there is no communication between management and players.

Another consequence, the players won't be paid.

All the owners have said no compromise. (Mr. Pegula included). So how long do you think the players can hold out until they accept the drop from 57% to 47%?

Paul DiVito



Owners and players ?just don't get it in NHL

NHL players and owners. What the heck are you doing? Read and weap, the owners own the puck. Take the fifty-fifty, live long and prosper.

James Furcoat



Pulling plug on Cowherd? results in boring radio

I certainly agree with the writer last week who spoke against WGR for cancelling the Colin Cowherd show. WGR has found radio personalities who do a great job covering the Bills and Sabres. However, we don't need another 300 hours per year devoted to Sabres hockey when other sports (MLB, NBA, NFL) are ignored.

Did the Sabres bully WGR into this decision? If so, shame on them. Why would a radio station drop a national sports host for this?

Give us more national sports because what we have now is boring.

Joe Cassetta


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