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School capital projects 
in Falls need your vote

Tuesday, the public is asked to vote on the Niagara Falls School District's capital projects plan, which the district is calling "Inventing Tomorrow."

As a former president and member of the Niagara Falls Board of Education, I urge you to support this effort.

These projects address facilities, security, student achievement and compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

They also propose using Greenway Funds to install artificial turf on athletic fields. This turf is cheaper to maintain and provides a safer playing surface for student athletes and the community athletes that use the fields when student contests are over.

The projects will not cause an increase to the local tax base. In fact, in effect, you're already paying for them. Last year, more than $398 million was awarded to school capital projects statewide. The only community that voted not to accept the money was Niagara Falls.

When the high school was built, there was a promise of no tax increase. That promise was kept.

The same is true of Niagara Street School. This was possible because the area is so poor that state funds paid for everything.

Now we are asked to accept funds that will allow things like color, high-definition exterior security cameras, modern science labs and accommodations to schools like Harry F. Abate so that handicapped students have full access to the facility.

Please remember if we do not approve the capital projects, the money will only be given to another district in New York State.

Why would we turn away money that will not cost us, the taxpayers in Niagara Falls, any more money?

Free doesn't come along too often. And God knows we need it.

Join me in voting yes to these projects on Sept. 25.

Robert Kazeangin Jr.

Niagara Falls