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Letter: Romney will hammer shrinking middle class

Romney will hammer?shrinking middle class

Would you buy a car from someone if he refused to tell you the details, color, specs, even the price, until you signed a contract? That's exactly what Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are doing; they won't reveal how they will solve all financial problems until after the election. First they said, "We'll put our facts on the table," then they didn't. Sort of like their tax returns; we can see all of last year's returns - after the election. But only two years, please.

I think we might find some huge surprises if Romney were elected, like increased everything for the middle class, while the wealthy go laughing away with more tax breaks they don't need.

No more Medicaid when your parents need a nursing home. Want to attend college or start a business? Borrow from your parents, says Mitt. Medicare, which you've paid in all your life? You'll get a coupon - sorry if it's not enough. The whole premise of voting for the GOP is illogical, since these are the guys who ran up the deficit. Ronald Reagan quadrupled it, George H.W. Bush doubled it down and then his son knocked it out of the park with tax cuts during wartime, mostly for the wealthy. Unheard of.

The middle class - as Romney defines it, "Those who make $200,000 to $250,000 or less" - is really going to be hit, and that's why we can't have details. I sure would like to be in that imaginary middle class of his.

The Republicans blocked President Obama in Congress seeking economic growth with an agenda only to remove him, not help the people as a whole, which seems a bit treasonous, and then they blame him for not fixing their mess.

Businessmen elected to office: Chris Collins and Herbert Hoover. At least Hoover became a great humanitarian.

Alex Park