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Letter: Romney has a right to voice his opinion

Romney has a right?to voice his opinion

Many are slamming Mitt Romney for making a statement deploring the violence against the U.S. Embassy in Cairo. Is it possible that if he had made no statement, he would have been remiss for that, too? Citizens of this country have a right to voice an opinion. Is there an exception that applies to presidential candidates? He's running for president - he better have an opinion and he better step up and give it.

Many fault Romney for deploring the Egyptian violence rather than recognizing that Muslim demonstrators were supposedly provoked by a video. Let me draw a parallel. If a woman wearing provocative dress is raped, does one first deplore the provocative dress, rattle on about how disgusting and reprehensible the clothing is and then, in some kind of due time, get around to deploring the crime?

The administration seems to want to insist that a video that hardly anyone knew about provoked Muslim reaction. Its statements are avoiding the very real possibility that the video was used to convene an organized, hate-filled reaction. We ought to be interested in who translated it into Arabic, making it quite accessible to Muslims. And why. How did it happen that a single item came soaring out of the numberless masses of things on the Internet and, like some sort of cosmic magnet, drew throngs of protesters into the streets?

Margaret Kearney

Lake View