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Letter: Obama has no idea how the world works

Obama has no idea?how the world works

I realize I'm just a retired math teacher and therefore have absolutely no foreign policy experience whatsoever, which by the way is the same amount Barack Obama had when he was sworn in as president, but even I can figure out that every year as Sept. 11 approaches we need to have beefed-up, well-armed security in place at American embassies around the world. And again, even I can figure out that this would be especially true in the Middle East, where radical Muslims seem to be pretty much free to do whatever they want.

Forget for a moment what many of us see as this president's mishandling of domestic issues. Those can be chalked up to fundamental disagreements on what America should look like internally, and we can agree to disagree on those. Foreign policy is a different matter. American embassies are on American soil. Any attack such as the one in Libya, which cost American lives, and the other attacks in Yemen, Egypt and Sudan should be treated as attacks on the United States itself and met with deadly force.

This president has no idea how the world actually works and his continued appeasement of governments and terrorists outside Afghanistan and Pakistan projects an image of weakness to our friends and enemies alike. Witness his professed discomfort with the notion of America as an "exceptional nation." This is exactly how we need to be viewed by the rest of the world, but he just doesn't get it. His policies are going to continue to cost American lives and property overseas and continue to reduce our influence in world affairs. We cannot afford four more years of this ineptness and incompetence. Throw him out in November to save our country.

Chuck Godfrey