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9 AM, TRAV, Extreme Roadside Adventures: Weird and wacky pit stops in the United States and beyond. (G)

10 AM, CSPAN, Rating the Greenest Presidents: The "greenest" presidents include Teddy Roosevelt.

8 PM, CNN, Cruise to Disaster: In-depth look at safety issues within the cruise industry that focuses on the Costa Concordia disaster that claimed 32 lives. Hosted by Dan Rivers.


1 PM, 11, "Little Big League" ('94) Luke Edwards. A boy heir manages his Minnesota Twins team. (2:30)

1 PM, 29, "Summer Rental" ('85) John Candy. Stressed air-traffic controller takes family to Florida. (2:00)

2 PM, 51, "A Bronx Tale" ('93) Robert De Niro. A youth favors a flashy mobster over his hard-working dad. (2:30)

3:30 PM, 11, "Mr. Baseball" ('92) Tom Selleck. Aging New York Yankee gets traded to Japan. (2:30)

4:30 PM, 51, "Down Periscope" ('96) Kelsey Grammer. Navy admiral stacks deck against beleaguered sub commander. (2:00)

6:30 PM, 51, "Fat Albert" ('04) Kenan Thompson. Live action/animated. The cartoon character becomes real and helps a lonely teen. (2:00)

8 PM, 11, "Deadliest Sea" ('09) Sebastian Pigott. A powerful storm threatens the crew aboard a fishing vessel. (2:00)

8 PM, 19, "You Can Count on Me" ('00) Laura Linney. A single mother's ne'er-do-well brother re-enters her life. (CC) (1:55)

8:30 PM, 51, "Couples Retreat" ('09) Vince Vaughn. Four couples endure therapy sessions at a tropical resort. (2:30)

9 PM, 5, "Capote" ('05) Philip Seymour Hoffman. Writer Truman Capote researches a family's murder. (CC) (2:30)

10 PM, 49, "The Omen" ('06) Liev Schreiber. A diplomat's adopted son is pure evil. (2:00)

10 PM, 67, "The Mole People" ('56) John Agar. Explorers are captured by subterranean beings. (2:00)

10:10 PM, 19, "Before the Devil Knows You're Dead" ('07) Philip Seymour Hoffman. A man ropes his brother into a scheme to rob their parents. (CC) (2:00)

Midnight, 11, "GoodFellas" ('90) Robert De Niro. An Irish-Italian hood joins the 1950s New York Mafia. (3:00)

12:05 AM, 9, "Alpha Dog" ('06) Bruce Willis. A teenage drug dealer kidnaps a junkie's younger brother. (CC) (2:30)

12:30 AM, 19, "The People vs. Larry Flynt" ('96) Woody Harrelson. Hustler magazine's founder fights for free-speech rights. (2:15)

2 AM, 23, "The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez" ('83) Edward James Olmos. Texas Rangers chase Mexican-American cowhand. (2:00)

2:45 AM, 19, "You Can Count on Me" ('00) Laura Linney. A single mother's ne'er-do-well brother re-enters her life. (CC) (1:55)

3 AM, 11, "Moon of the Wolf" ('72) David Janssen. Bayou sheriff seeks killer, finds werewolf. (2:00)

3 AM, 49, "Troop Beverly Hills" ('89) Shelley Long. A socialite leads a group of rich Wilderness Girls. (2:00)


7 AM, 2, Today: Consignment shopping; Angela "Big Ang" Raiola. (CC)

8 AM, 7, Good Morning America (CC)

6:30 PM, 19, The Interviews: Larry Flynt discusses his life and the film made about it. (CC)

10 PM, 4, 11, 48 Hours Mystery: From a Mexican prison, a former TV producer accused of brutally murdering his wife speaks out. (CC)