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Letter: More downsizing is needed in Ken-Ton

More downsizing is?needed in Ken-Ton

I am surprised that I have not seen more opinions regarding the closing of Thomas Jefferson School. Some of my observations are as follows: My kids all graduated from the Ken-Ton system in the '70s. During that era, there were upward of 20,000 students, two high schools and three middle schools. Today our taxes are still supporting these facilities and probably triple the administrative staff, for about 7,000 students. I think more "downsizing" is in order.

We have an Administration Building on Colvin Boulevard in which there are many people with bachelor's degrees, master's degrees and a few doctorates, as well as a Board of Education, yet we have to hire a consulting firm to "facilitate" the adjustment of 270 students from Thomas Jefferson?

Are these "educators" afraid of accountability and responsibility?

Larry DeAeth