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Duplicate bridge

The Bridge Center of Buffalo and the Lockport Duplicate Club are closed today for the Buffalo Fall Sectional Tournament. Airport Bridge Club has an individual game at 11:59 a.m. today and pairs at 1 p.m. Sunday.

The Airport Club has double point games Monday to Friday. Lunch is included for players who stay for both the 9:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. games Tuesday and Thursday. To sign up for Swiss teams on Sept. 30, call 603-6943.

Beginner lessons with Eugene Harvey begin at 6:30 p.m. Monday at the Bridge Center. Call 823-4060. Kathy Pollock's free mini-lessons continue there at 11:30 a.m. Mondays. Call 588-0054.

Duplicate scores

Week of Sept. 10 to Sept. 16

ACBL Sanctioned Clubs

Airport Bridge Club Monday - North-south, A/B: Maury and Lois Tatelman, 57.93%; C: Marilyn Sultz and Usha Khurana, 52.82%; east-west, A: Nancy Kessler and Carlton Stone, 60.62%; B: Bill Boardman and Joe Rooney, 54.11%; C: Nadine Stein and Cynthia Helfman, 53.10%. Tuesday morning - North-south, A: Vince Pesce and Harry Cheung, 64.54%; B: Linda Vassallo and Wilson McClaren, 54.13%; C: Mary Terrana and Pat Lakeman, 45.49%; east-west, A: Shirley Cassety and Marian Morber, 52.04%; B: Ginny Panaro and Paula Salamone, 51.61%; C: Ruth Wurster and Don Grant, 49.74%. Afternoon - North-south, A/B (tie): Florence Notto and Beverly Dale, Art Matthies and Mike Silverman, 56.25%; east-west, A/B: Marilyn Sultz and Dale Anderson, 58.75%; C: Janet Frisch and Celine Murray, 44.17%. Wednesday - A: Christine Pesce and Dorothy May, 60.58%; B: Nancy Littenberg and Bill Regan, 58.33%; C: Barbara Sadkin and Joyce Greenspan, 50%. Thursday - North-south, A: Harry Cheung and John Ziemer, 69.44%; B: (tie) Rita Sierocinski and Linda Wynes, Eleanor Whelan and Carlton Stone, 50.23%; C: Bruce Burr and Ross Markello, 40.05%; east-west, A: Paul and Barbara Libby, 59.63%; B: Judy Kaprove and partner, 52.34%; C: Linda Milch and Sharon Chang, 50.26%. Friday - North-south, A: Paul Libby and Bob Andersen, 64.68%; B: Ginny Panaro and Doug Dean, 54.97%; C: Cynthia Helfman and Barbara Sadkin, 51.39%; east-west, A: John Ziemer and Jerry Geiger, 62.01%; B: Pawan Matta and Paula Salamone, 52.38%; C: Nancy Littenberg and Joyce Greenspan, 47.42%. Saturday - Individual. A: Cleveland Fleming, 70.83%; B: Jim Madan, 67.19%; C: Pawan Matta, 52.60%. Sunday - Individual. A: Carolyn Siracuse, 62.50%; B: (tie) Barbara Sadkin, Dorothy May, 58.93%; C: Paul Ganley, 51.79%.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Tuesday - North-south, A: Richard McGowan and Ted Kahn, 66.29%; B: Margaret and Bob Rivard, 55.93%; C: Jane Roberts and Laura Houghtaling, 48.48%; east-west, A/B/C: Janet Dimet and Sharon Wilcox, 61.12%. Wednesday morning - North-south, A: Jay Levy and Donna Steffan, 59.26%; B: Tova Reinhorn and Allen Beroza, 54.40%; C: Berta Brown and Jeanne Gladysz, 50.69%; east-west, A: Joan Rose and Judy Padgug, 60.94%; B/C: Dorothy and Ed Rupp, 55.47%. Evening - A/B: Bob Olin and Christy Kellogg, 60.71%. Thursday noon - North-south, A/B: Natalie Abramson and Paula Rosen, 61.90%; C: Rivona Ehrenreich and Tish Schiffman, 58.04%; east-west, A: Dorothy and Larry Soong, 58.93%; B: Jo Finton and Agi Maisel, 57.74%; C: James and Karen Stephenson, 53.87%. Evening - North-south, A: Judi Marshall and Meg Klamp, 63.89%; B/C: Edith Knaszak and Jan O'Mara, 51.16%; east-west, A/B: Elaine Kurasiewicz and Sue Neubecker, 58.33%; C: Kathy Stamm and Jo Finton, 55.09%. Friday - North-south, A/B: Claire Gareleck and Pat Burns, 62.50%; C: Anne Watkins and Sue Neubecker, 50.46%; east-west, A: Joanne Kelley and Jay Levy, 59.49%; B: Judie Bailey and Donna Steffan, 56.02%; C: Elaine Kurasiewicz and Carol Bedell, 49.77%. Saturday - North-south, A: Christy Kellogg and Bert Hargesheimer, 63.69%; B: Usha Khurana and Carolyn Siracuse, 50.89%; C: Bernie and Dick Czarnecki, 48.81%; east-west, A: Howard and Joan Rose, 56.55%; B: Anne Watkins and Helen Panza, 55.06%; C: Beena and Madhav Deshmukh, 53.57%.

Bridge Club of East Aurora - Joanne LaFay and Lillian Gotshall, 66.82%; Ken Meier and Joe Rooney, 61.82%, Bob and Joan Ciszak, 57.28%.

Bridge Club Meridian Monday morning - North-south, A/B: David Millward and Jean Macdonald, 63.92%; C: Eleanor Whelan and Rita Sofia, 52.55%; east-west, A/B: Jim Gullo and Tova Reinhorn, 57.63%; C: Ruth Wurster and Mercedes Reinbolt, 49.30%. Evening - A: Burt Hargeshimer and Alex Kowal, 60%; B: Elaine Kurasiewicz and Dian Petrov, 58%.

Delaware Wednesday - North-south, Ron Fill and Chuck Heimerl, 61.25%; east-west, Frank Schlehr and Art Morth, 53.57%.

Lockport Tuesday - A: Elve Johnston and Kathryn Fenn, 61.6%; B: Roy Crocker and Bob Lederhouse, 61.1%; C: Jasbeer and Violet Makhija, 50.5%. Saturday - Jasbeer and Violet Makhija, 57%; Connie Swick and Mercedes Reinbolt, 56%.

Other clubs

Amherst Sr. Center Monday - North-south, Sam Grossman and Shirley Cassety, 64%; east-west, Jill and Bruce Brown, 61%. Thursday - North-south, Peg Gorham and Geroge Mayers, 61%; east-west, Marv Feuerstein and Anita Rauch, 55%. Canterbury Woods - North-south, Dee Schaeffer and Lil Ungerleider, 60.3%; east-west, Irwin Brock and Bernie Meywer, 65%. Clarence Sr. Center - North-south, Judy Thielman and Kathy Borcik, 62%; east-west, Elaine Wegrzyn and Alan Ohloeft, 53%. College Club - Neola McGuire and Parmalier Murphy, 62.5%; Marie Barker and Debbie Charles, 58.33%. Tonawanda Sr. Center - North-south, Joanne Zavarella and Margaret Rivard, 61%; east-west, Lee Gordon and Will Sanscrainte, 57%.