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Covering up climate change causes?

TillersonFor years, there have been two camps of people: those who believe that the burning of fossil fuels is changing our climate, and those who believe that climate change is a bunch of hooey.

On Wednesday, ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson came down on the side that believes global warming is happening and that it's a man-made problem. But, he said, it's not that big of a deal.

Ross Gelbspan, author of the book Boiling Point, would beg to differ. He was a Boston Globe reporter when he came across a concerted effort to cover up research showing the dooming effects of climate change. It scared him enough to leave his job and take on the issue full time.

CoalGelbspan writes on his web page:

Thinking about the issue, it quickly became clear that the coal and oil industries constitute one of the biggest commercial enterprises in history ā€“ and that their very survival is threatened by the imperatives of climate change. The science is unambiguous on one point: climate stabilization requires that humanity cut its consumption of carbon fuels by about 80 percent. The motivation behind the disinformation campaign was very clear ā€“ as was the reporting imperative. In this case, it was also the path into an amazing drama ā€“ a once-in-a-lifetime story -- that, unfortunately, has largely unfolded outside the spotlit arena of public awareness.


 His Web site,, collects a dizzying amount of information, research and news about climate change and its effects. It also collects a fair amount of disinformation it has found in the media and elsewhere; news distorting the science around climate change and bogus studies funded by those with an economic or political interest in fostering skepticism about global warming.

Which side do you believe?

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