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Beach and moan

---- Beaver Island Beach is a riot. It's like some urban New York City beach. There's green algae, fumes from power boats, and water so shallow for so long that if you get in deeper than 2½ feet deep, lifeguards are blowing their whistles. Authorities are always clapping and yelling at you to bring in your beach ball or some other toy. Worst of all are the sharp rocks. Why not use those megaphones to order everybody to collect two rocks a person and bring them to shore? Over all these concerns looms, like a big blowzy beach umbrella, one big question: Could this possibly be one of the world's worst beaches? Boldly, a friend put that question to a lifeguard. The lifeguard shrugged sympathetically. "Oh, man," he said.


Pit stop

---- Lots of actors are told, "Break a leg." Few have the integrity to take the words seriously. Joey Giambra is one of the few. The night his play "Bread and Onions" opened at the Kavinoky Theatre, Giambra obligingly slipped into the pit the first night, breaking the required leg. Next night, he appeared in a wheelchair next to co-star Dominic Chianese (Uncle Junior on "The Sopranos"). Giambra's injury added poignantly to the show, which is about Buffalo's bygone Lower West Side and includes such characters as Tripe Lip, Eddie the Twig and a guy called "the Jeep." But next time he should do the Nik Wallenda thing and wear a tether.


Urban affairs

---- Buzz cannot step away from the Clinton/Bailey Market. We love the old food warehouse buildings, the sun, the gossip. One biker chick, appreciating a clerk's helpfulness, told him: "You're awesome. We should go out on a date." A crowd laughed. One farmer beckoned Buzz over. "You work for The News?" he said. "Tell everyone to come out here. Nobody's coming here. I don't know where they're shopping. Tops?" Most memorably, at the honey stand, we got into a conversation about Dandelion Honey, a variety we had never seen. The apple blossoms had frozen, we learned, and the dandelions were where the bees were. "The bees covered the ground," the honey lady told us. That's the buzz!


The buzz

---- The Department of Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is: Much of the nostalgia of "Bread and Onions," Buzz noticed, centered on St. Anthony's Church. Hello! News flash, folks, St. Anthony's is still open. See you Sunday. … Thank you, Les Trent, for defending Buffalo values! The "Inside Edition" star and Buffalo Broadcasting Hall of Famer is getting married, but took time out from wedding preparations to admonish his Facebook friends downstate: "OK, one last time; Buffalo style wings should not – ever – be breaded! Never ever!"



----"I definitely like this Dollar Tree more than the one I work at."

---- – Overheard by Buzz while shopping