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Less than a week left to save Lafayette

We've been hearing for months now that if State Ed doesn't have an approvable plan for Lafayette High School by June 30, the commissioner will revoke the school's registration and close the school.

Is that likely to happen?

Lafayette High SchoolThe state approved the Lafayette improvement plan in early May, remember, but can't release funding for it until or unless the district and the teachers union reach agreement on a teacher eval plan for 2012-13.

It's now June 26, and teacher reps and district administrators are in their second day of meetings at the Hearthstone Manor to hash out that eval agreement -- in typical Buffalo style, waiting until the 11th hour.

"I think teachers and district staff are really committed to having this done by July 1," Amber Dixon told me.

If the two sides are able to reach an agreement by the deadline, there's still another issue: the status of Johns Hopkins University, which announced two months ago it was pulling out as the educational partnership organization for September because there was no eval plan in place -- and because of that, the federal funding was in question.

Dixon says as soon as the union and the district agree to a 2012-13 evaluation plan, district officials will approach Johns Hopkins officials and ask them for a modified agreement for Lafayette.

"We would have to go back to Johns Hopkins and amend their contract somehow -- start with a smaller cohort of students, perhaps, or use the first semester for planning and training and not take full charge until the second semester," she said.

"Johns Hopkins never stepped away from their willingness to work with Buffalo -- they just said the timeline for September was not going to work."

- Mary Pasciak

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