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Trademark this!

RingsAn online knitting group called Ravelry spends each Olympic season holding its own Ravelympics, during which members knit certain projects and challenges while watching the Olympics on television, Bloomberg Businessweek reports:

...Thousands of knitters attempt to complete an ambitious project—such as knitting a hat for the first time, or finishing an entire blanket—during the two weeks the Games take place. They form teams and challenge each other to events such as “scarf hockey” and “sock put.”

Those who rise to the challenge receive a virtual medal.

OlympicsBut the U.S. Olympic Committee is cracking down this year. It has sent cease-and-desist letters asking members to take down items bearing the trademarked Olympic rings symbol, including a free pattern for a crocheted olympic ring necklace and a $2 pattern for a dish towel with Olympic rings.

The social networking site lists other crafts that use trademarked images, such as the Batman symbol, but has never been asked to pull anything else down. In fact, items bearing the Major League Baseball logo have even been tapped by MLB for display at the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Speaking of trademarks, Business Insider pulled together 15 funny trademarking attempts and infringements. They include Sarah Palin attempting to trademark her name (then being denied because she forgot to sign that name to her application), Harley trying to trademark the sound of a revving motorcycle engine, mixed luck on the McDonald's "Mc" prefix and Facebook's success in trademarking the word "face."



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