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Council's noise decision lets residents down

The Lockport City Council's decision to expand the noise ordinance and allow loud music until 2 a.m. has impacted dramatically upon its residents' quality of life.

It's after midnight, all my windows are closed, the air conditioner is on, and the music from a local bar sounds as though it's playing in my living room. I know that there's no escape from this until 2 a.m. My house is miles from the bar. I can only imagine how those who live closer are suffering.

The Council, in its wisdom, decided that the profit the bar could make selling liquor from midnight until 2 a.m. is more important than the comfort of the people who live in the city. I would like to suggest to all Lockport residents who are impacted to get together and recall the Council members. They have shown they don't care about us.

Diane Fenster