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The Read: Political chatter from elsewhere

Each Saturday on the Politics Now blog, you'll find a list of stories that caught the eyes of The News' political reporters. Here's a sampling of what they were reading this week:

"Jersey Boys," Jeffrey Goldberg, The Atlantic: The journalist spends a night with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie at a Bruce Springsteen concert, and Christie explains why Bruce can reach everyone.  

"Rubio gets sidelined on immigration reform," Major Garrett, National Journal. The White House's latest moves on immigration could frustrate Sen. Marco Rubio, the potential vice presidential nominee and rising GOP star. 

"With elections awash in cash, there's blame to go around," John Harwood, The New York Times. Citizen's United isn't the only thing that opened the floodgates to cash in elections. President Obama might be to blame, too.

"Supreme Court health care ruling likely to have long-term fallout," Karen Tumulty, Washington Post. Most Americans will be unhappy with the result, whatever the justices decide. 

"'Ridiculous': Rangel trashes 'Times' endorsements of his rivals, then and now," Azi Paybarah, The Capital: Rep. Charles Rangel talks about how he gave a member of the New York Times Editorial Board a piece of his mind. 

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