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Taco tip: The other reason to seek Mexican satisfactions in Medina

It all started with the tacos.

The Rosario family runs a Mexican grocery called Monte Alban, with everything from tortillas and beans to cowboy boots, at 507 E. Center St. (Rt. 31) in Medina. (I am partial to the Coronado goat's-milk caramel lollipops, myself.)

Eventually the taco business encouraged them to open a full Mexican restaurant, Mariachi de Oro, at 11417 Maple Ridge Road. I reviewed it in today's Buffalo News. (The print version has the wrong address, for which I apologize.)

The bad news: it's closed Sundays. The good news: there's still tacos.

Outside the store, on Saturday and Sunday, women working a taco trailer serve up a long list of tacos - chorizo (sausage), pollo (chicken), asada (steak), al pastor (pork with pineapple), even sesos (brains) at times - under a corrugated platic roof.

There are also tortas, the rarely seen (in these parts) Mexican sandwiches on a terrific crusty roll with layers of meat, pickled jalapenos, refried beans, queso fresco cheese, cilantro and more. I got one with a combination of chorizo and al pastor pork as the meat, and swooned as I ate it.

You order at the trailer, five tacos for $8 at my last visit, a tad more by the piece. Please do not embarass yourself by asking for sour cream on your tacos. They do not have sour cream, because real tacos do not have sour cream.

It's a bare-bones setup. But the red and green sauces in the table squeeze-bottles are fresh and delicious. Help yourself to Mexican Cokes and Jarritos from the big white ice chest. The opener is tied to the wall.

When I visited with my family, the TV was on to a Mexican network, and dudes were hanging out in ragged cowboy hats and Sunday shirts. We hung out too, feeling like we were a million miles from home.

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