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Tuned In; Steam Donkeys start off a busy week in Nietzsche's

Your week in the club starts tonight!

No rest for the wicked, and all of that, so forget about the couch and the television, call up a few friends, wipe the dust off your cowboy boots, and giddy-up to catch a rare happy hour set from the always enjoyable Steam Donkeys, beginning at 6 tonight in Nietzsche's (248 Allen St.).

Buck Quigley and Co. will take over the front-of-club stage in Nietzsche's, up until 9 p.m., and as ever, there's no cover.

You might want to stick around Nietzsche's after the Donkeys bid you adieu -- a fully stacked indie-rock mini-festival will take over the club, beginning at 10 tonight.

Blood Thirsty Vegans, the Tins, the Bynars, and special guests Aloud (from Boston, Mass.), will split the main stage action, while the Albrights perform on the second stage between sets.

Not that Nietzsche's is the only game in town, but there are an awful lot of strong shows there this week, including the Good Neighborhood/Buffalo River Keeper team-up on Saturday to present a Tribute to the Music of Jimi Hendrix.

Appropriately, the bill for the Hendrix tribute will feature some of Western New York's most impressive guitarists, among them Peanut Brittle Satellite/Logo City's Zack Mikida, the Jony James Band with guests Ron LoCurto and Geno McManus and the Vincent James Explosion.

And finally, Nietzsche's will also be the hosting club for next Friday's Fishbone appearance. Words fail to convey my excitement about this show. Maybe next week, I'll get a handle on my excitement, and offer you something more substantial than a "Whoooo-hooo"! The seminal Los Angeles alternative-funk powerhouse will take the stage at 9 p.m. next Friday.


Mystery collaboration

Here's a very eclectic commingling of artists that has me quite intrigued. The Hotlights will merge their raw, primal, punk-fueled rock 'n' roll with the skills of Buffalo rap artist Jack Topht at 9 tonight in Soundlab (110 Pearl St.).

The artists describe the nature of the collaboration as "a bit of a mystery, even to us," but the structure of the gig -- with both artists performing their own sets, before the Hotlights team to act as Topht's backing band -- is likely to yield some interesting results. Admission will be $5 at the door.


Family roots

Don't think you're just gonna sit around on your back porch and watch the grass grow on Sunday, either.

The very highly anticipated arrival of the Wood Brothers -- bassist Chris and sibling Oliver -- will transform the Tralf Music Hall (622 Main St.), into a more rustic sonic environment, where virtuosic roots music meets with old-timey vocal harmonies.

Chris Wood is revered as bassist with genre-busting jazz-jam-blues trio Medeski Martin & Wood. His brother Oliver cut his teeth playing guitar alongside seasoned bluesman Tinsley Ellis. So I don't need to state the obvious, but I'll do it anyway -- these guys can play! Tickets for Sunday's show, which starts at 8 p.m., are $15 and can be purchased through

Have a great week in the clubs, everyone.