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Microsoft Surface reviews...

Surface1Is it the beginning of the end for the personal computer?

Microsoft unveiled its line of tablet computers Monday, called Surface.

The light, compact devices, described as a "tablet that's a great PC--a PC that's a great tablet," is intended to compete with Apple's game-changing iPad.

Surface2The Washington Post pits the iPad and the Surface head to head, doing a side-by-side comparison. But perhaps the most important criterion of the Surface isn't available yet.

"One key point that will help determine how the tablet does in the market has yet to be determined — the price," writes Hayley Tsukayama. 

The Surface's real competition may not be the iPad after all, but Microsoft's own PCs.

CEOBallmerAshlee Vance elaborates in Bloomberg BusinessWeek:

As it does with the Xbox, Microsoft has opted to make the Surface tablets—both hardware and software—on its own. This stands as a huge affront to Microsoft’s longtime PC partners. Making matters worse, the Surface products look far better than anything else the PC makers have shown to date on the tablet front . . . . The keyboard/cover combo is a fantastic idea that immediately makes you question future laptop purchases. That’s yet a further blow against Microsoft’s PC buddies.

 Here's Microsoft's first ad for the device. What do you think?


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