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Liberty Cab Co. upgrades its fleet with GPS dispatching software

Liberty Cab Co. has finished a large-scale technology upgrade on its fleet of cabs, installing a new satellite-based tracking system to help with dispatching.

All 124 Liberty Cab taxis are now operating with global positioning software made by Easy Dispatch that allows customers to order a taxi from their smartphone. After the customer digitally calls for a cab, a signal is sent to Liberty, and the closest taxi in the area is dispatched to the customer based on the GPS signal coming from the smartphone.

Bill Yuhnke, president and CEO of Liberty Cab, has been thrilled with the software and said that the high efficiency of the dispatch system has added a whole new dimension of customer service. Waiting time has been slashed, and Yuhnke has also received great feedback from his drivers.

"Calls are distributed to [the drivers] in a fair manner," Yuhnke said. "Back in the day, if you knew a dispatcher you would get all the good fares."

Taxi Magic, the smartphone application, features an alarm system that alerts the customer when the taxi arrives. Customers have to download the free application from their app store.

Liberty Cab also installed credit card swipes on the back of the driver's seat, so customers do not have to hand their credit cards over to the driver.

"I not only want the best system available for my business, I believe that Easy Dispatch is the leader in innovative technology for the taxi industry," Yuhnke said in a news release.