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ECMC probe uncovers no Jorden complaints

Neither Jackie Wisniewski nor anyone else complained to Erie County Medical Center about Dr. Timothy V. Jorden Jr. before last week's tragic hospital shooting, ECMC officials said Tuesday.

ECMC's internal investigation surrounding Wisniewski's death uncovered no formal complaints filed by her -- or on behalf of her -- to supervisors, human resources or the hospital's employee-assistance program, said Jody L. Lomeo, the hospital's CEO.

"We hope and believe that if anyone had information suggesting that harm was imminent, he or she would have come forward," Lomeo said in a prepared statement.

"Although our investigation continues, and it appears other organizations and individuals may have been better informed, our search of records suggests that ECMC was not alerted to the existence of this abusive relationship," Lomeo said.

Police say the doctor, 49, shot and killed Wisniewski, 33, his estranged girlfriend, in a building on the ECMC campus, before he turned a gun on himself in a wooded ravine near his lakefront home.

ECMC has given employees extensive training the past two years about workplace violence, and has a system for workers to make complaints anonymously, hospital officials explained. That system, they said, has been effective in the past with handling abusive employees.

But it was only in hindsight, after Wednesday's shooting, when more information started to come out about recent odd behavior by the doctor and the abusive relationship between Jorden and Wisniewski.

"We're not looking to blame anyone," said Thomas J. Quatroche Jr., ECMC's senior vice president of marketing and planning, "but it's a concern for us [that] people didn't come forward either anonymously or not anonymously.

"Domestic violence is a serious issue and this is kind of a wake-up call for all businesses and organizations to be diligent with their employees to report these things informally," Quatroche said.

The Buffalo News reported on Tuesday that the estranged husband of Jorden's personal secretary did complain about Jorden's "inappropriate" behavior with women he worked with, but that complaint went to UB/MD Physicians Group and apparently didn't make it to hospital officials.