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Survivor of house fire couldn't save family

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (AP) -- The woman whose three daughters and parents died in a Christmas Day fire said Tuesday that firefighters pulled her away as she tried to get back into the burning house to save her family.

Madonna Badger said in an interview taped for NBC's "Today" show that she was yelling, "Where are my kids? Where are my babies?"

She said she was pulled away because of concerns over smoke inhalation and knew it was bad when somebody yelled to turn off the radios.

The fire in Stamford killed twins Grace and Sarah Badger, 7; Lily Badger, 9; and their grandparents Lomer and Pauline Johnson. Badger and her friend Michael Borcina escaped the fire.

The interview is airing Thursday on "Today" and "Rock Center with Brian Williams." A segment was posted on the web Tuesday.



Cambridge mayor urges smaller drinks

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (AP) -- The mayor of Cambridge has proposed limiting the size of soda and sugar-sweetened beverages sold in city restaurants, saying she was inspired by a similar measure in New York City.

Mayor Henrietta Davis on Monday asked the city's health officials to research her proposal and make a recommendation on limiting beverage sizes. The city is adjacent to Boston and is home to Harvard and MIT.

Davis cited an increased risk of obesity and diabetes as reasoning behind the resolution.

"As much free will as you can have in a society is a good idea," Davis said Tuesday. " But with a public health issue, you look at those things that are dangerous for people, that need government regulation."

Don Puzy, manager of a Cambridge 7-Eleven, on Tuesday called the mayor's proposal "absolutely crazy." He said he sells a lot of the store's signature Big Gulps, but said it's mostly grown-ups who buy them.

"We appreciate her trying to do something about the kids, their weight, but that is not the way to go about it," Puzy said.



Teen impaled by spear undergoes surgery

MIAMI (AP) -- Doctors in Miami have successfully removed a spear accidentally shot through a teenager's skull during a spearfishing trip.

Yasser Lopez, 16, was in serious condition Tuesday in Jackson Memorial Hospital's Ryder Trauma Center.

The spear gun accidentally fired as it was being loaded. Lopez was hospitalized June 7 with 3 feet of the spear protruding from his forehead.

Doctors said the spear missed the main blood vessels in the brain. They said Lopez doesn't remember the accident.