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Makeshift jobs for recent grads

Congratulations, you've graduated from college!

What's that? The job offers ?haven't started rolling in yet? Have ?no fear. There is always money to be made somehow.

You may not start out working in ?the corner office wearing an Ann ?Taylor suit, but the odds are you won't starve, either. Here are some ways to ?supplement your income as you wait ?to land your dream job, courtesy of ?frugal maven Andrea Woroch.

*Campaign for a politician. ?Every election season brings with it a crop of jobs that supports all aspects ?of a political candidate's campaign for ?office. There are jobs available at all ?levels, and the favorite hires are young, enthusiastic college grads.

*Move back home. It's not going ?to be pleasant; probably not for you or your folks. But there is no denying the heap of money you will save on rent, food, laundry and utilities.

Luckily for you, ?as part of the so-?called "boomerang generation," the ?taboo associated ?with moving back home after college has largely been erased. Instead of being seen as immature or lazy, you're considered smart ?and frugal.

*Become a juror. Not that you can volunteer for jury duty (or that you'd want to after seeing what the Corasanti jurors went through) but you can sign up to be a mock juror on, where lawyers will use you as a practice juror.

You sign up, read the details of a ?case and answer some questions. ?Each verdict pays $5 to $10 through ?PayPal. You won't get rich, but you can make some extra pocket money.

Just be careful, there are a million ?illegitimate copycat sites out there.

*Be a tutor or coach. If you played ?a sport in college, hire yourself out as ?a coach or trainer. If you know how to play an instrument, give lessons. If you have a knack for teaching, be a tutor. ?It can be a lucrative sideline.

*Sell stuff you don't need. Have a garage sale, take things to a consignment shop, post a classified ad. Every ?little bit counts. If you're really ambitious, scout thrift stores for cool, retro items you can resell at a profit.

*Go back to the job you worked in high school. Whether it's baby-sitting or Burger King, employers would love to have a dependable college graduate over a flighty teenager.

Again, don't be ashamed; hard workers who are willing to sacrifice prestige when the chips are down are admired in today's society.

*Join People post their to-do lists and you bid on jobs you'd like to complete for them. You can submit offers to run people's errands, fix their leaky sinks, wash their cars; just about anything you can think of.?

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