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YouTube can be funny yet fearsome

If we were to enter the minds of teenagers, there would tend to be certain similarities in ?all of their interests. Teens in all parts of the world are obsessing over the Internet. It ?seems they are checking their email, Facebook or Twitter every five minutes. But there is one website in particular that seems to really have everyone's attention. It shows homemade videos that range from hilarious clips, sad stories, inspirational breakthroughs, musical talents and the list goes on and on. This website is famous and used worldwide by people of all ages. It's YouTube.

According to YouTube's official blog, it surpasses more than a billion video views daily. ?That would be 11,574 views per second, 694,444 views per minute and 41,666,667 views per hour, so I read.

I visit YouTube more than I used to. With its wide selection of continuous videos, I have found many funny clips that I get a kick out of. When I first heard of YouTube a few years back I got hooked on the "Fred" series because of his off-the-wall sense of humor.

One of the most inspirational videos I have viewed involves an autistic young woman who couldn't communicate. It seemed as though there was no hope until she shocked her family and ?those around her by communicating through the computer. It is very much worth watching.

I also have come across a selection of sad and cruel videos that shouldn't be viewed by anyone. I have seen some videos about the creators and their problems with bullies. People leave rude and harmful comments and make threats.

But, on a lighter side, YouTube can be a fun and entertaining website to watch favorite music videos, clips from movies or favorite homemade videos.

I believe YouTube should delete the videos that are harmful and embarrassing to others. ?It's cruel and insensitive. YouTube should have to OK the video before it is posted and make sure it meets all the requirements before it is uploaded. I think it could save a lot of hurt and make YouTube a safer website.

Marissa Estep is a senior ?at Barker High School.