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Ex-WNYers look to connect on TV

It's Orchard Park night on "Take Me Out," George Lopez's new dating show that airs its second episode at 8 tonight on Fox.

One of the featured bachelors is former Orchard Park fitness trainer David Peters, 36, who snags a date from a pool of 30 single women.

One of those women in that group is Brooke Lauren, a 2003 graduate of Orchard Park High School, who calls herself a "traveling photographer."

"Take Me Out" is a spin-off of a United Kingdom TV hit, from the producers of "American Idol," also inspired by a U.K. show. On it, a single man tries to impress a panel of female contestants, described on the show as "the Flirty 30."

The 60-minute summer program starts with a brief introduction from the bachelor, after which the women decide if they would like to date him. They vote "yes" by leaving the light on their lectern lit.

In the beginning, the women hold the cards, as a series of revealing film clips are played about the bachelor. During last week's premiere, one avid candidate alienated most of the field after a video clip showed him bow hunting.

The final decision is left to the bachelor, who picks two finalists (if any contestants remain), asks each of them the same question and chooses one for a date.

Peters credits his Buffalo roots for helping him to land a handful of television parts, including the one tonight on "Take Me Out."

"I'm different from the cross-section of men who try out for these shows because I'm from Buffalo," Peters said, "They notice I'm more humble. I'm goofy, and my ego is not that present. I like to put a smile on everyone's face."

It will be Peters' second appearance on a dating show since going to Los Angeles in October 2011. He was one of the bachelors on a short-lived Lifetime reality show "Love for Sail," which took place on a cruise ship.
Peters has also appeared on "The Doctors." His next step, he said, is to find an agent.

"It's difficult but not impossible," he said. "Once you get an agent, you're at another level. You're taken seriously and things can happen."

Peters said his physique has opened doors in Hollywood. On last season's closing episode of "Happy Endings," for example, he played a shirtless Egyptian.

"For a small-town guy, being at Paramount Studios on an actual set – to see how it all goes down," Peters recalled. "Sixty or 70 people working behind the scenes. After that, I got a little bit addicted to the scene, going on casting calls and stuff, and I started getting some jobs."

Peters moved to Buffalo from Syracuse as a child, studied exercise physiology at Buffalo State College and worked as a fitness trainer in Orchard Park after graduating.

"The thing that separates me from other guys is I can do 145 pushups in a minute," Peters said – something he says he did at a 2005 fundraising event at Southgate Plaza for Women and Children's Hospital.
Peters also throws washing machines to raise money for charity. Tonight, watch for a clip of him tossing a washing machine 12 1/2 feet.

This also is Lauren's second appearance on a reality show. In January 2010, she played a former beauty queen on VH1's "Secrets of Aspen." Lauren, 27, is a photographer who has been splitting her time between Aspen, Colo., and West Hollywood.

She said she just returned from Bali, Indonesia, where she spent five months working on a fine art photography project and is planning an exhibit for at Art Basel Miami.

"Take Me Out" is her first dating show, and she admitted she wouldn't mind having someone to share her global experiences.

"It would be great to have someone in my life," Lauren said over the phone from West Hollywood. "I see my friends getting married and having babies and I don't even have a boyfriend."

When Lauren discovered a bachelor from Orchard Park was on the same show, she said she let out a wild whoop. As for the outcome?

"I can't tell you what happened," she said, "but I think he might be a little upset."

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