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Truth, common sense?should rule the day

Like most people in the Western New York community, I was outraged at the outcome of the Dr. James Corasanti trial. But now, as some time has passed and I have had time to reflect on what happened, my outrage has turned into disappointment at the state of the legal system in our country.

The hope in any trial is that guilt or innocence is proven by the examination of facts, but after hearing and reading various comments from members of the jury, it appears that our legal system has become nothing more than a sideshow or a vaudeville act where the outcome rests on which side is better at mesmerizing or wowing the jurors who, in most instances, are far less sophisticated than seasoned prosecution or defense attorneys.

I think it is time we take a step back and find out what needs to be done to get back to a system where the truth and common sense and not "possibilities" and "doubt" rule the day.

Richard Piechowicz



How low can we go?on minimum wage?

Just maybe the Republicans are right this time. Democrats in the State Assembly are pushing an increase in the minimum wage from $7.25 per hour to $8.50 per hour. The State Senate's Republican majority flatly opposes the measure as a "job killer."

I am sure more people would be hired if the minimum wage were lowered to 10 cents an hour. That would become a huge "job creator!"

George A. Poole Sr.



Luckily for taxpayers?Giambra era is over

A May 20 Donn Esmonde column dealt with the possible consolidation of Erie Community College into one campus. He stated that maybe the Joel Giambra era is not over. That statement turned my stomach. I'm confident that the former county executive would fund this scheme by raising the taxes again.

Ron Ball



State needs to outlaw?devocalizing of dogs

Legislation has been introduced in New York State that would ban the practice of devocalizing dogs and cats. Devocalization is defined as "a surgical procedure applied to dogs and cats, where tissue is removed from the animal's vocal cords in order to permanently reduce the volume of their vocalizations." When performed on dogs, it may euphemistically be called debarking or bark softening.

Devocalizing is performed on show dogs, puppy mill dogs, animals hoarded by collectors, fighting dogs and, yes, neighborhood dogs. A devocalized animal has no external traits such as cropped ears or docked tails — until one hears that raspy, husky "bark" when the dog is trying to communicate.

The vast organized opposition to this bill tells us that this inhumane procedure is occurring more frequently than we realize. Devocalizing dogs and cats has been banned in most of Europe and was passed overwhelmingly in Massachusetts two years ago.

There is no reason to cut an animal's vocal cords unless it is to treat a medical condition.

The bills are S.6167C in the Senate and A.3134D in the Assembly. The legislative session ends soon.

Please contact your state legislators today to bring the bills to the floor for a vote. It's too late for the dogs (and cats) already silenced, but we can speak for those who may become victims of this horrendous procedure in the future. For information:

Maureen A. Schiener

Animal Advocates of Western New York



Obama will be judged?on actions, not race

The June 5 letter writer who "shudders to think of a Romney presidency" and waxes glowingly at the mythical integrity of President Obama need only remember Obama's total control of the government for two years and what a mess he has created.

The writer also refers to the "enemies" of Obama because of his color. I am reminded of something I read about a young African-American who was being let go from a job and who complained that he was being fired because, "I am black." He was told, "You were hired because you are black. You are being fired because you are not a good worker."

If Obama is fired, it will be because he did not do the job he promised to do.

Frank A. Gugino Sr.

West Seneca


Bishops' statements?are so hypocritical

Men! We can't live with them and we can't live without them. After reading the article about the bishops' lawsuit against the government's contraception bill for women, I'm furious. What right do men have to tell women what's right for their health and bodies? It's between a woman and her doctor. Is it OK for men to get insurance-paid Viagra for sex? Wrong! Now men are suing the government so women can't get paid birth control coverage. Insane!

Since when did God make men better than women? What a laugh after the sex scandal in the Catholic Church and now a prominent priest fathering a child. Hypocrisy!

Elizabeth Seaner



Bloomberg proposal?goes much too far

Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City wants to ban soft drinks in containers of more than 16 ounces. I can't help but wonder if Bloomberg is more concerned with our health or the thought that these containers are taller than he is.

So to the mayor and all of the politicians, stop telling us how to live and do the jobs you were elected to do. In America, we still do not have health police, at least not yet.

Harvey Schwartzmeyer

North Collins


Higgins accomplishing?a great deal for Buffalo

Rep. Brian Higgins should run for mayor of Buffalo in the next election. Higgins has campaigned more for Buffalo than any other politician on things such as developing the outer harbor and keeping the Main post office on William Street open. Mayor Byron Brown has done nothing significant to bolster the City of Buffalo. I'd vote for Higgins as the next mayor of Buffalo.

John Jendrysek

Orchard Park


My View contributor? has a way with words

Has The News ever considered offering Bob O'Connor a job? Whenever we see his picture in the My View column in the editorial section, we smile and know that we're guaranteed a few laughs. He's the best humor writer since Dave Barry. A monthly article by him would enhance a great newspaper!

Janice & Joe Tobolski

East Aurora