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GOP also biding time on Hochul district airtime

   First, it was the Democrats who skipped NY 27 in reserving airtime for this fall's big race involving incumbent Democrat Kathleen C. Hochul.

   Now, Republicans appear to be putting the race on the back burner, too.

   Roll Call, the Capitol Hill newspaper, reported Wednesday that the National Republican Congressional Committee -- the panel charged with electing more Republicans to the House of Representatives -- has also failed to reserve any airtime in the Hochul district. The seat is considered vulnerable in 2012 because of the significant Republican advantage provided by reapportionment, but so far neither party is gearing up for an "air war" on television.

   The move does not preclude, however, purchase of airtime in the future.

   Meanwhile, Washington sources familiar with the Democratic counterpart to the NRCC -- the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee -- say nothing should be read into the fact that they also have reserved no airtime for the Hochul effort. They say New York is not yet on their radar screen, and to stay tuned.

-- Robert J. McCarthy

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