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Jury should not be faulted?in controversial Corasanti trial

It was such a great surprise to see The News article describing in depth the evidence that led jurors to make logical, sensible and law-abiding decisions in the Dr. James G. Corasanti verdict, along with responses from lawyers and an insight to Corasanti's testimony. I had been nothing but appalled at the reaction of Western New Yorkers, the supposed "City of Good Neighbors" to this tragedy.

Response through social media and the media itself has showed a small-minded mentality and the inability to see a broader scope of a situation.

My stomach had been churning thinking that people would believe death threats made to Corasanti, his lawyers and jurors are morally acceptable and valid. I have heard nothing but stories of excellence that Corasanti has always provided to his patients in both skill and bedside manner.

He is not a devil and should have every right to hire the best possible lawyers. He worked for the money that was paid to them.

The defense lawyers are not evil, they simply did the job that they were hired for and did it well. For the jurors that are accused of being "idiots" or citizens that had courtroom "transference" issues, they did a fantastic job of sticking to the facts and the law.

Most of Western New York does not know every detail of went on in that courtroom nor do they know the law.

The article printed on the front page of Sunday's paper was great at providing clear and simple reasoning for why the verdict was decided the way it was.

Let's hope that those Corasanti, lawyer, and juror haters have read the details provided in the article.

Tiffany Karl



Gus Macker tourney?location should change

As long as I can remember there has been violence and bad weather at the Gus Macker 3-on-3 Charity Basketball Tournament in downtown Buffalo. Sure the weather was not ideal last Sunday but officials could have postponed and waited for the lightning to clear. Some games could have been canceled, or the game time shortened.

Unfortunately, most of the headlines coming from the tournament were of the violence, not about all of the fun. One way to curb the violence is by switching location.

If the Gus Macker and Police Athletic League of Buffalo teamed up with the Buffalo Bills, the parking lot at Ralph Wilson Stadium would be a great place to hold the event. The Bills are great members of the community.

The basketball tournament is too meaningful to the community to just disappear but I am afraid that is the road it is heading down. A change of scenery is necessary and that's where The Ralph comes in to play.

Andrew Genco



Superintendent search?has been a total farce

How many times must we allow the collectively absurd Buffalo Board of Education to make the same mistake before we run them all out of town?

First it was James Harris, then it was James Williams. Then, after we spent huge resources and months getting rid of the Williams rot, they miraculously appointed Amber Dixon, a local lady who is invested in the city, understands the peculiar nuances of the city's racial and political landscape and knows what is wrong and where all the bodies are buried.

Amber Dixon has many strong supporters in the system and knows that it will take a team effort to reform Buffalo schools and give hope to the 33,482 kids who now have no alternative but to suffer in the most dysfunctional school system in New York State.

How bad does it have to get before the lame state Board of Regents intercedes and appoints a special master? Does the teachers union have to sign off with Sheldon Silver first? What is wrong with you, John King? Don't tell us about the law. Get a backbone and go to the people to push Sheldon Silver's incestuous relationship with the teachers union out of the way. Incompetents are abusing kids in Buffalo and you are now part of the problem.

They hired a search company to "see who wanted the job."

Who in their right mind would want this job? How about a talented local lady who actually cares and is not looking for a place to land to pick up a paycheck. We don't want a person who is leaving his or her current job because he or she failed.

Neither of the two candidates from someplace else has any actual experience as a superintendent.
We have previously hired unfit people for no good reason other than they were black and from someplace else. Why? That's easy. The "Black Sisterhood," complicit with Phil Rumore and his band of union opportunists, can control the actions of an incompetent superintendent if the person is from out of the area and struggling to hold on to a paycheck.

The community must rise up and demand that Amber Dixon be appointed the next superintendent.

Carl Paladino

CEO, Ellicott Development Co.



Country concert fiasco?could have been avoided

The Buffalo Bisons have to be very careful in the future before allowing events such as the WYRK Taste of Country concert to take place. Coca-Cola Field has always had the reputation of being a safe, family oriented facility, but the debacle last Saturday has given our city another black eye. Girls in the men's bathroom, throwing of chairs and fighting are not conducive to a family atmosphere. It would behoove the powers that be to improve their alcohol and security policy to prevent this from happening in the future.

Martin P. Farrell

West Seneca


Do not claim ignorance?about hitting someone

Dr. James G. Corasanti claimed that he did not know he had hit a person, in part because his expensive BMW was so well made that he could not hear any noise. Didn't in fact his car have the BMW safety feature of a infrared night vision with pedestrian detection? This displays images either in the dash or in a heads up display. Along with the noted high performance headlight system that top end BMWs are noted for, he should have been able to see the girl easily just as the prosecution said.

Several years ago I was driving out of Rushford on Route 243 and it was pitch dark. I was driving a big Ford Country Squire station wagon and without warning I heard a bang. I quickly became aware of the fact that the mirror on the driver door was now at a bad angle. A 60-pound deer had literally run into the side of my car. I found this out by making a U-turn and by retracing my steps and found the deer in the road.Corasanti went home and then called his lawyer!

Robert W. Snyder

Clarence Center