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Jamaican drug lord sentenced to 23 years

NEW YORK (AP) -- Conceding he's no saint, Jamaican drug lord Christopher "Dudus" Coke was sentenced Friday to 23 years behind bars in a U.S. drug trafficking case.

Prosecutors in federal court in Manhattan had used the often gruesome testimony of a member of Coke's drug gang to push for a stiff sentence, including his account of how Coke ordered his men to kill a deadbeat drug dealer by tying him up and dismembering him with a chain saw.

Coke sought to convince U.S. District Judge Robert B. Patterson that he deserved a break because of his charity work in the West Jamaican slum of Tivoli Gardens.

Patterson told Coke that the allegations of violence "offset" any good deeds and imposed the 23-year prison term sought by prosecutors.

Coke, 43, was arrested in Jamaica and extradited in 2010 following a bloody siege in Tivoli Gardens, which had become what U.S. authorities describe as "a garrison community" he used to oversee an international drug trafficking ring.


University ends benefit for employees' children

ROCHESTER (AP) -- Employees of the University of Rochester are losing a major benefit: free tuition for their children who attend the university.

Administrators told the Democrat and Chronicle that starting in 2013, children of the university's faculty and staff they won't have to pay the private school's tuition of nearly $43,000. Instead, they'll pay the rate charged to attend the state's public four-year colleges, about $5,600.

The change won't affect students already enrolled at the university or who will begin this fall.

Administrators said the free tuition was an expensive benefit used by a relatively small number of employees.


TSA evacuates room over replica grenades

ROCHESTER (AP) -- A baggage room at Rochester International Airport was temporarily evacuated after officers spotted what looked like two grenades in a suitcase. It turned out they were replicas.

The Transportation Security Administration said they were found Wednesday morning as TSA officers stopped an Atlanta-bound passenger after detecting the realistic-looking fakes in his checked luggage.

Explosives experts were called and ordered the baggage room evacuated until they determined there was no danger.

The passenger voluntarily surrendered the fake grenades, and the flight went on as planned.