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Drake's 'Paradise'

In a review of his recent show in that city, the Chicago Tribune referred to rapper Drake as "a sensitive hustler," and that feels like a pretty good fit for the multiplatinum, Toronto-born TV star-turned-pop mega-man.

To wit: Throughout his latest effort, "Take Care," Drake wrestles with contradictory images of himself. Is he a jilted loyal lover or bling-adorned Lothario? Is he a sensitive, spiritually attuned young man or a power-hungry Capitalist out to land your cash and steal your girlfriend? Is he a role model for youth in the self-empowerment mode, or just another fly-by-night narcissist with a rhyming dictionary and a Trump-worthy rolodex?

Form your own opinions, as the Darien Lake Performing Arts Center summer concert season kicks off with a bang at 7 tonight, when the man born Aubrey Drake Graham 25 years back takes the stage as part of his "Club Paradise" tour. Drake will bring along his friends J. Cole, Waka Flocka Flame, Meek Mill, 2 Chainz and French Montana. Your own little piece of "Paradise" will run you between $45 and $180. Check for availability.

-- Jeff Miers