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Swanick vows to end "double dipping;" will not collect legislative pension

Democratic Senate candidate Charles M. Swanick is declaring he will not collect his state pension in a process known as "double dipping" if elected. 

Swanick, who is running in the Democratic primary for the right to challenge Republican incumbent Mark J. Grisanti in November, said Tuesday he will lead by example and not collect the pension earned as a longtime member of the Erie County Legislature should he win the seat. He said he will also not collect the pension he earned as a CSX Railroad engineer.   

"I will not be among the more than 15 lawmakers who collect both a salary and a pension. If elected, on Jan. 1, 2013 I will forego the pension I receive from my service in the Erie County Legislature and my time working for the railroad and will collect only one paycheck for the job I do," he said.   

Swanick said he will also introduce legislation to amend the current New York State system that allows workers to retire and then take “part-time jobs” that do not exceed a $30,000 limit. The rule is often suspended to allow them to exceed the $30,000 salary limit.   

“If elected, I will immediately submit legislation to remove the waiver from New York State law," he said. "I will also lower the limit from $30,000 to $15,000. If departments need the expertise of retired workers beyond what $15,000 will buy, those workers will have to forfeit their pension while they are back on the payroll for the state.”

—Robert J. McCarthy

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