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Niagara County Real Estate Transactions

Following are real estate transactions over $5,000 as listed in records of the Niagara County Clerk's Office for the week ending April 27.


Lower River Road, Maryjean Thompson; Danny W. Thompson to W. Martin Catto; William Martin Catto, $440,000.

786 Upper Mountain Road, Thomas J. Carella; Julie R. Carella to Robertus J. Salis; Jolanta B. Salis, $125,000.



Akron St., Hans Peter Gutmann to Douglas J. Weir, $105,000.

East Ave. & Livingston Place, New Directions Youth and Family Services Inc. to Constance Donohue, $80,000.

West Grant St., William James McCauley; Judith L. McCauley; William J. McCauley to Kim Willis; James H. Bigham, $68,000.

Lewis St., Joanne J. Gardner; Joanne J. Brennan to Julianna Turner, $65,000.

163 Chestnut St., Wells Fargo Bank to Michele L. Tester; Harold P. Tester, $17,500.



Charlotteville Road, Shannon R. Emborsky; John D. Emborsky to Justin M. Tocco; Jami L. Reynolds, $131,440.

Fuller Road, Thelma Feger to Shawn M. Swoope; David M. Swoope, $6,500.



Highest price: $130,000

Average price: $45,252

Median price: $35,000

Number of Sales:19

102nd St., Joanna Carlo; Joanna Cafarella; Matthew A. Cafarella to Mauricio Vidal, $130,000.

Harrison Ave., Timothy R. Adams to Lindsay M. Malfa, $110,000.

Greenwald Ave. & 96th St., Renee Fiorentini; Kathi Duff to Diane M. Pembleton; Charles W. Pembleton, $89,900.

81st St., Paul Traver; Julie L. Traver to Elizabeth A. Budnik, $83,500.

Woodlawn Ave., Vincent Dimarco; Annmarie Valencio; Annmarie Dimarco to Catherine Yolevsky Boas; Jonathan C. Boas, $68,000.

Porter Road, Thomas A. Volk; Carol A. Volk to Mary F. Duck; David W. Duck, $59,890.

Welch Ave., Adam Puscheck to Leon Taylor; Amy E. Taylor, $51,000.

Point Ave., Terry W. Litten; Richard W. Litten to Susan M. Woodward; Michael D. Woodward, $48,000.

70th St. & Edison Ave., Donna Lamastra; Gloria Trincanati; Stephen Trincanati to Randall Pawlak, $35,000.

Ontario Ave., Equity Trust Co.; Keith Canazzi to New Chinese Union Holding Enterprises Inc., $27,000.

Lasalle Ave., Ethel A. Ventry; Donald K. Brown to Louise Morden, $19,000.

Ontario Ave., Lizzie Andrews; Coleman Carpenter to Tineya N. Sabett; Corey A. Carpenter, $15,000.

Michigan Ave., Veralyn Hill; Karin E. Wilson to MSA Properties of New York, $13,500.

1554 Lasalle Ave. & 1832 Linwood Ave. & 1712 Pierce Ave., City of Niagara Falls to Shawneva White; Charles E. Griffith, $10,500.

Niagara Ave., Patricia Ann Marando; Marie Corsaro to Lucky Santino Inc., $8,500.

624 7th St., Edith Mae Cassick; Jacob W. Cassick; Edith M. Cassick to Melanie Baliraj; Rishi Jadoo, $7,500.

Valle Drive, Frank P. Mirabelli to Riverside Condominium Board of Managers Inc., $7,500.

446 18th St., Gloria Sylvester to Brian C. Young, $5,000.



Highest price: $135,000

Average price: $82,624

Median price: $82,000

Number of Sales:11

Fairmont Ave., Bridget K. Peracciny; Bridget K. Benjamin to Greg David Benjamin, $135,000.

1254 Greenbrier Lane, Jennifer A. Sommer; Brett M. Sommer to Dayna R. Koeninger, $134,000.

Robert Drive, Nola L. Royer; Michael J. Martin to Alexander N. Knoell; David A. Huffman, $118,000.

1429 Payne Ave., Edward C. Williams; Anita L. Williams to Maureen Paar, $90,000.

Hyland Ave. & Robinson St., Susan A. Kuligowski; Robert D. Kuligowski to Lori Stein; Brenda Dean, $82,500.

Master St., Joseph F. Fincik; Jennifer M. Fincik to Joyce C. Pollard, $82,000.

Tremont St., Brigite Wittstruck; Margaret Gross to Michael D. Long; Cassondra E. Long, $64,660.

11th Ave., Patrick H. Maas; June A. Maas to Drew P. Gugliuzza, $60,500.

Bryant St., Cedarcrest Fund to Rachel Piscitelli; Joshua L. Neaf; Lance Piscitelli, $60,000.

Thompson St., April E. Grey; April E. Bialecki to Michael W. Zimmerman Jr., $42,200.

Schenck St. & Vandervoort St., Diane Mueller; Virginia Moretto; Joseph Moretto to Peter Casal Jr., $40,000.



Bear Ridge Road, Michael S. Parkot to Timothy C. Dunford; Susan E. Dunford, $191,000.

Mapleton Road, Maria Seijo-Cala; Maria R. Seijo to Joshua Bancroft; Christine Bancroft, $19,500.



2nd St., Kathryn S. Melville; Suzanne K. Lauer; Lewis F. Lauer to Patricia Lemaitre, $120,000.

Lockport St., Matthew J. Sharpe; Caryn M. Sharpe to Gregory C. Miller Jr., $90,000.



Mack Ave., Michael R. West; Jean M. West to Lynn T. Batt, $94,900.

Chestnut Ridge Road, Richard W. Abbott; Joan E. Abbott to Nicole E. Danieu; Dennis J. Danieu, $94,340.

Lincoln Drive, Diane Oshei to Barbara E. Noble, $40,000.



Hoffman Road & West Somerset Road, William H. Barrett to Ronald B. Kelley; Nicole L. Kelley, $75,000.



Academy Lane, Nicholas A. Bunk; Jennifer M. Bunk to Tammy J. Lewis; Mark J. Lewis, $114,900.

Dorchester Road, Cristin M. Renda; Cristin M. Lingle to Mary Stayzer; Dylan Smallman, $97,000.

Ida Drive, Town of Lockport to JNR Llc, $10,000.



Morning Dove Lane, Carmelo Randazzo to Cristin M. Lingle, $223,000.

Mallard Court, Stefano Ciarroni; Anna Ciarroni to Karen A. Abel; John R. Abel, $210,000.

6994 Deborah Lane, Patricia A. Nowak; John R. Nowak to Anthony Sbrocchi; Emma Sbrocchi, $183,000.

Ward Road, Stephen P. Paterson; Janet M. Paterson to Fikreta Mehmedovic-Joy; Paul Joy, $150,000.

Klemer Ave., John Abel to Tara M. Davis, $140,000.