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Chat Friday

Tim Graham and I will return for our highly acclaimed video chat at 1 p.m. tomorrow from The News. Tim and I will ramble on a range of subjects. Maybe we can debate the relative merits of the NBA playoffs vs. hockey. The NBA conference finals haven't disappointed, that's for sure. San Antonio has been a joy to watch and that Heat-Celtics overtime game last night was one for the ages.

They say an NBA series doesn't truly begin until a road team wins a game, but it's hard to imagine the Celtics bouncing back from this one. They simply had to win a game when Rajon Rondo scored a career-high 44 points and played all 53 minutes, while the Heat shot poorly from the floor. Miami is going to get the calls. Deal with it. LeBron James is almost impossible to stop and that's why he gets to the line so often. Have the calls been a little slanted toward Miami so far? Yes, but it'll start to even out in Boston. I see the Celts winning one of the next two and losing in five. I also see the Spurs splitting the next two in Okie City, then closing it out at home.

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