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The Buzz

> Weed eater

For years, with countless other gardeners, Buzz boiled over battling bishop's-weed: with Round-Up, boiling water, vinegar, who knows what. We had overlooked that which, as Buffalonians, is our greatest asset: our appetite! No joke, you can eat bishop's-weed. The Romans ate it and brought it to England in the Middle Ages. So hardy is the plant that, we read, it kept a lot of Europe alive during World War II. "What are you waiting for?" asked one hippie Web site. "Go out and cut some!" Buzz did. We threw a few handfuls into a salad. We took about a quart of bishop's-weed, sauteed it in butter and ate it, and added some to tabbouleh. It tastes like parsley! Hmm. As long as seaweed is now sea vegetable, bishop's-weed should be, ahem, bishop's-vegetable. As the saying goes, if you can't beat it, eat it!

> Crash course

The bad news: Your phone call is answered by a robot. The good news: The robot makes you laugh! Making a call after someone smacked into our car, Buzz was told: "Thank you for insisting on Carubba Collision. A member from Guest Services will be right with you." Ha, ha! In the waiting room, we found ourselves with about a half-dozen other customers, having fun. Conversations come easily at collision shops. Everyone has a story about why he or she is there. Talk was further fueled by a TV showing YNN, by The Buffalo News, which was being passed around, and by a gourmet coffee maker that brews coffee on the spot – and people who can show you how to use it!

> ?Pig in the city

Buzz avoids the Broadway Market over Easter. It's amateur season. So, we only recently got our first look at Broadway Meat and Seafood, a new tenant that debuted at Easter time. The new butcher on the block is fitting in well with the neighbors. They had hog jowls – a must at the market, if you don't have hog jowls, you're nobody – and soup chickens and rabbit. And actual oxtails, oxtails not yet cut into those round slices, so there is absolutely no doubt about what part of the steer you are eating. Plus pig ears. "What do you make with those?" we asked the very polite Asian gentleman behind the counter. "I don't know," he said. In other words, the market will dictate.

> The buzz

Route 400, Mountain Mama! A sign says a stretch of the Southtowns highway is maintained by the Friends of John Denver. ... The Grammar Police cite Sonoma Grill for its radio ad, which has a guy saying, "Join Marilyn and I..." "Marilyn and ME," Buzz said, aloud, like our dad, when we heard it. "Join Marilyn and ME." However, Sonoma gets big – huge – points for the "grill" part of its name No "e," Correct. ... Friends going to the Shaw Festival in Niagara-on-the-Lake were looking for a place to eat, detoured down a side road and found – fearsome drum roll – the Canadian Legion Post, advertising a fish fry. What luck! There was halibut, perfectly fried, and icy-cold Sleeman beer. Who even knew there was a Canadian Legion? We should have a Canadian Legion/American Legion fish fry smackdown.

> Quote

"Eat your veggies and avoid eating hot dogs this weekend."

– Advice Buzz got, pre-Memorial Day, in newsletter from our chiropractor