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Wales Town Board passes laws establishing new permits

The Wales Town Board held public hearings before a sparse audience this week, one of them a proposed peddling permit law and the other aimed at those who display vehicles and equipment for sale.

Board members then passed both laws.

Zoning Committee Chairman Gerald Klinck explained that the town wants peddlers to obtain a permit from the town clerk and adhere to a lengthy list of requirements for the safety of the residents.

The permit is not required by a child under 15 years of age who lives in the town, local businesspeople, or a farmer or gardener selling their own produce. Those who deliver newspapers, milk, tea, coffee, groceries, meats or baked goods also are excluded, as are those seeking support for charities or nonprofit groups with ties to the town.

Permits must be approved at least 30 days prior to proposed solicitation and are good for no more than three months. The permit fee is to be determined by the Town Board.

The permit is nontransferable, and every person who is peddling must apply for his or her own permit. Employees of a business engaged in peddling must apply for a separate permit. Fees may be waived if the applicant is a resident of New York State for a minimum of two years prior to the date of application and is a veteran who served in wartime.

Those convicted of felony or misdemeanor violent crimes, sexual assault, possession of drugs, theft, fraud, burglary or trespassing are ineligible for a permit.

Penalties include $250 for each offense and up to 15 days in jail. Each sale made in violation shall be considered a separate violation.

Another local law will govern roadside sales and display of vehicles or equipment. Such sales will not exceed a period of 30 days, up to twice a year. Items must be owned by the property owner where the display and sale take place. The law applies to residential and agricultural districts.

Signs in the business district will be limited to one permanently installed sign not to exceed 7 feet in height or 32 square feet in size. No LED, moving or flashing signs will be allowed, and temporary signs would not be allowed for more than 10 days prior to an event or more than 24 hours afterward.

The board this week also approved a Wales Center Volunteer Fire Company service award program amendment, which will allow firefighters to continue to serve to age 65. The impact on the taxpayers will be available at the next board meeting. Supervisor Rick Venditti said firefighters could get an additional $2,000 when they start to collect their pensions. A mandatory referendum is necessary.