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School Board abolishes 13 positions

The Silver Creek Board of Education abolished several teaching and other positions Wednesday evening at its meeting in the boardroom of the high school campus.

School Board President Matt Bogosian said, "It is upsetting and sad to abolish this number of positions."

Positions to be eliminated for the coming school year include:

* Two full-time teaching assistant positions currently held by Jeffrey Piersant and Elizabeth Birner.

* Two full-time social worker positions, currently held by John Peglowski and Dina McDaneld.

* One half-time business teacher position, held by Anthony Montoro.

* One full-time special-education position, held by David Skalski.

* A half-time home and careers position, held by Jennifer Waterman, and a half-time music teacher position held by Jean-Nicole Zenns.

In addition, the board is eliminating five positions that are not currently filled with permanent employees: a full-time English language arts teacher, a half-time French teacher, a part-time attendance clerk, part-time teacher aide and a bus monitor.

In other matters, Interim School Superintendent David Kurzawa noted that attendance at the district was 95.4 percent for April in the elementary school and 91.7 percent in the high school.

The district adopted a "paperless" policy for board meeting agendas and, starting with the current board meeting, each agenda will be available for public viewing on the school website about four days prior to themeeting.

School Board members accepted two new scholarships for members of the class of 2012. One is in memory of former graduate and teacher Fran Burchett and the other is a 50-year commemorative scholarship from the Class of 1962.