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Lester stands by call on inside-the-park homer

There was nary a complaint from the Gwinnett Braves about scoring decisions while they were here last week but Gwinnett pitching coach Marty Reed let loose to when he left town over Matt Tuiasosopo's inside-the-park home run in Wednesday's 14-7 Bisons' victory.

On Tuiasosopo's liner to right, outfielder Felix Pie got turned around and the ball ticked off the end of his glove as he jumped for it. Pie was initially lying on the warning track before the ball was retrieved and Tuiasosopo circled the bases with a three-run homer, the Herd's first inside-the-parker at home since 2001.

It was part of an 11-run night against Jair Jurrjens, a 13-game winner in Atlanta last year now getting pounded in Triple-A.

"Might have been the worst scoring job I've seen in the history of baseball," Reed told "[Jurrjens] gave up four earned runs in the first inning. The guy basically dropped a fly ball in right field, and they scored it an inside-the-park home run, which cost him four earned runs. To be honest, it was atrocious.

"He gave up some runs, don't get me wrong. But the line score -- 11 runs, 10 earned -- that wasn't even close to the way he pitched."

Williamsville South athletic director and former pro baseball scout Kevin Lester has scored Bisons games since the War Memorial Stadium days. He said he immediately scored the play a base hit rather than an error, and thus a home run.

"It's a right-handed hitter hitting a high pitch to right and as soon as the ball is hit, I look at Pie, he breaks to his right. In my mind, I say, 'He's not going to get there, he's in trouble,' " Lester said. "He tried to go back to his left, he jumps and the ball goes off the tip of his glove. There was no dropped fly ball."

The play was not scored an error because Pie had to make more than ordinary effort to secure an out.

"I take this job serious and I have no ego when it comes to this," Lester said. "The bottom line is it doesn't matter to me one way or the other. If there would have been a question, I'd talk to everybody. I honestly felt I got it right. For [Reed] to say a fly ball was dropped, that didn't happen."

The International League, like the majors, has an appeal process on scoring decisions but Lester said he has not been aware of any appeal made on the play.

"I get that they're protecting the pitcher," Lester said. "I'm not taking shots at him. I get it. I made myself available and not one word was said for the entire series, so that's why I don't respect that something was written four days later."