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Board awards contract to replace bad water line on Schwartz Road

The Lancaster Town Board voted Monday to pay $688,864 to Sergi Construction Inc. to replace a deteriorating water line on Schwartz Road.

The East Aurora contractor is expected to begin work July 1 to replace a roughly 6,300-foot section of water line that has had numerous breaks in recent years.

Sergi was the lowest of 12 bidders, and its bid was well under the expected $800,000 cost for the construction work, Robert Harris, the town's consulting engineer, said in an interview prior to the Town Board meeting.

The town previously agreed to borrow up to $990,000 to cover construction, engineering services, contingencies and other costs.

The section of water line that will be replaced is on Schwartz Road, between William Street and Hall Road, southeast of the Village of Lancaster.

The Erie County Water Authority had flagged the line as in need of repair, Harris said, and this work is the town's responsibility under its agreement with the authority.

One of the many recent breaks in this section of water line occurred on Thanksgiving 2010, Harris recalled, a situation that annoyed nearby residents because the line briefly had to be shut down.

The water line is more than 30 years old. But its deterioration was accelerated by electrolysis produced because the cast-iron water line ran alongside a high-pressure gas line, the engineer said.

The replacement water line will be made out of polyvinyl chloride, a plastic commonly known as PVC, and will be moved farther from the gas line, to prevent electrolysis damage, Harris said.

Sergi should be able to complete the project by the middle of October, he said.

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