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Niagara County Real Estate Transactions

Following are real estate transactions over $5,000 as listed in records of the Niagara County Clerk's Ofice for the week ending April 13.


5025 Baer Road, Gregory J. Kowalski to Charles H. Depasquale; Ann M. Depasquale, $298,000.

Upper Mountain Road, Robert A. Rein to Donna M. Ehrenberg, $119,990.



Root Road, Karen L. Evans; Albert J. Evans to James C. Evans, $40,000.



James Drive, Jeffrey J. Shewan to Mark Latchford, $90,000.

Oak Run Drive, Northwest Development Group Inc. to Stephen J. Fuller, $50,000.

Oak Run Drive, Northwest Development Group Inc. to Stephen J. Fuller, $48,000.

Townhouses at Hillview/Unit 744, Timothy R. Lundquist to Derek S. Gerega, $139,000.



Woodbury Drive, Kathleen Hinton; David F. Hinton to Joseph W. Anderson, $108,000.

Waterman St., Heather L. Hughes; Joseph W. Anderson; Heather L. Anderson to Mia S. Baker, $81,500.

71 Prospect St., Roy Smith; Charlene Smith to HSBC Bank, $57,000.

Grand St., Amy M. Rinn Wilson; Matthew L. Rinn; Amy M. Rinn to Lindsey N. Regan, $52,000.

Clinton St., Porretta Family Trust I; Mary Ellen Porretta to Rain Bald, $35,000.

John St., Gerald L. Appleby to William T. Mayberry; Margaret A. Mayberry, $33,750.

Park Ave., Emil Von Dungen Inc. to Laports Storage, $5,000.



Dale Road, Sandra D. Smiley; Sandra D. Schmidt to Nathan P. Phillips, $155,000.

Wheeler Road, William B. Silvis III; Diane E. Silvis to Daniel Morse; Jean Morse; Marc D. Morse, $30,000.

Lockport-Olcott Road, Eric Porzelt; Heather Porzelt to Mad Auto Sales, $22,000.



80th St., Robert C. Downs to 8001 Buffalo Ave Inc., $80,000.

63rd St., LMR Capital Llc; Bankruptcy Exchange II Inc.; Melanie E. Licata; Melanie E. Gee to Nancy J. Pitarresi, $61,500.

Haeberle Ave., Pinnacle Property Solutions of Western NY Llc to Deborah Camp-Simpson, $55,000.

419 12th St., Adam Leszczynski; Adam Leszcrynski to Jennifer Roberts, $28,000.

Lasalle Ave., Mary Mastromatteo; Mary R. Mastromatteo; John D. Mastromatteo to Martha R. Seaberry, $26,500.

Welch Ave., Carl J. Filbert to Elizabeth Dawn Henderson, $17,000.

Buffalo Ave., DM Property Management to Chester H. Clark, $10,000.



Meadow Drive, Thomas Turtle to McGinnis Enterprise Inc., $270,000.

Walck Road, Patricia J. Argentieri; Mack R. Argentieri to Rami E. Qarmout; Jennifer A. Qarmout, $145,000.

Zimmerman St., Deborah Barlow to Paul J. Vathy, $118,720.

Jesella Drive, Wayne C. Nestark to Scott T. Crane, $84,800.

Nash Road, Michael J. Bunting; Mary P. Bunting to Mary P. Bunting, $35,000.



Creek Road Relocation, Suzanne E. Moody; Blair G. Moody; Avanelle B. Moody to Kimmarie Page; Edmund M. Page, $71,000.



Griswold St., Edward C. Norman; Beverly A. Norman to Tamara E. McDonald; Gregory A. McDonald, $60,000.



Townline Road, Ursula Eddy; Craig Eddy to Paul H. Platt; Linda M. Platt, $55,000.



Brandywine Road, GMD Development to Michael F. Rende; Carol A. Rende, $282,000.

Shawnee Road, Brian G. Miller to Karl B. Schultz, $174,000.

Dawn Drive, Michael F. Perkins; Deborah M. Perkins to Kelly M. Hickok, $162,000.

Ward Road, WFD Llc to Ryan Homes of New York; Nvr Inc., $80,000.

Hawthorne Court, GT Custom Built Homes Inc. to Lisa S. Bevilacqua; Larry A. Bevilacqua, $60,000.

Hawthorne Court, Willow Development to GT Custom Built Homes Inc., $20,000.



Ide Road, Aldi Inc. New York to Lucas W. Gromoll; Julieann L. Gromoll, $195,000.

East Lake Road, Tina Krueger to Colleen J. Wagner, $164,900.