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The Read: Political chatter from elsewhere

Each Saturday on the Politics Now blog, you'll find a list of stories that caught the eyes of The News' political reporters. Here's a sampling of what they were reading this week:

"O'Malley builds on tax-raising legacy," by Annie Linskey, Baltimore Sun. It's no secret that Gov. Andrew Cuomo is keeping an eye on Maryland Democratic Gov. Martin O'Malley as the two maneuver their national ambition machine. The two have taken different approaches on tax hikes. Cuomo had opposed them, but then OK'd a $2 billion tax hike on millionaires last December. O'Malley has not been shy about raising taxes -- something the liberal base of the Democratic Party, who dominate many presidential primary contests, do not abhor when the choice is between tax hikes or spending cuts. Here the Baltimore Sun looks at taxes and 2016.

"The politics of generating power — and winning it," by Martin Regg Cohn, Toronto Star. Cheap power generated at Niagara Falls has set off political battles on this side of the Canadian border, but politicians in Ontario have their own debates that swirl around the future of hydropower. Tim Hudak, a Fort Erie, Ont., native who started his career as a Peace Bridge customs officer, has floated a plan to sell off part of Ontario Power Generation and Hydro One to public pension funds. The proposal has gotten fierce reaction. "The latest Conservative plan to partially privatize Ontario's electrical utilities looks like a bigger publicity stunt than the Flying Wallenda's careful balancing act," writes Cohn, Queen's Park columnist for the paper.

"Romney, Obama campaign staffers debate an actual issue on Twitter," by Natalie Jennings, Washington Post. It's a political argument, no more than 140 characters at a time. Top aides to the former Massachusetts governor and the president "traded Twitter barbs" over jobs and the economy, Jennings writes.

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