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Help sought in solving shootout killing 3

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) -- Louisville's police chief pleaded Friday for the public's help in solving a chaotic shootout that killed three people and had stunned onlookers diving for cover as officers converged.

Gunfire erupted Thursday afternoon at two locations separated by a handful of houses in the city's Russell neighborhood, a crime-ridden section dotted with boarded-up houses.

Two men in their 20s were killed in the initial shootings. Then while police investigated and news reporters gathered, shots rang out again about four houses down. A woman in her 20s was fatally shot by another woman stemming from an argument about the incident, police said.

Three others were hospitalized from the hail of gunfire.

Police Chief Steve Conrad said Friday that the investigation continues and that it was premature to discuss possible charges as investigators to try piece together the chaotic events.

The victims were Tyson Mimms, 24; Craig Bland Jr., 22; and Makeba Lee, 24.


Sebelius' speech cites religious freedom

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius paid homage to religious freedom and the separation of church and state in a graduation speech Friday at Georgetown University that was briefly interrupted by an anti-abortion heckler.

Catholic Church authorities earlier had lambasted Georgetown's invitation for her to speak at the Public Policy Institute's awards ceremony.

Invoking President John F. Kennedy, Sebelius called the separation of church and state "a fundamental principle in our unique democracy." She urged graduates to weigh different views in policy debates and follow their own moral compasses.

The Catholic Archdiocese of Washington said the invitation to Sebelius from the Jesuit school was unfortunate because her public actions represent a direct challenge to religious liberty. Bishops view a requirement to cover birth control and other parts of President Obama's health care law as attacks on religious freedom. A man who heckled her for supporting abortion rights was escorted off campus by police and released, a university official said.


Two suspects sought in attack on pastor

DETROIT -- Detroit police said Friday that they are still searching for two people wanted in connection with the attack on a prominent Detroit pastor and gospel recording artist who was carjacked and assaulted Wednesday afternoon.

Detroit police recovered the 2012 Infiniti QX56 SUV belonging to the Rev. Marvin Winans of Perfecting Church on Thursday -- a day after it was taken at a Citgo station. It was in weeds next to an abandoned house, police said.

"Our young people have to find their purpose in life," Winans, 54, said in a statement released by his publicist, Erma Byrd. "It has to be bigger than sitting in a gas station waiting to rob innocent people. We've got to do a better job raising our young men."

Winans suffered a broken finger and a few bruises in the attack, Byrd said.

Winans' trousers were ripped when the youths rolled him over on the pavement and tore at his clothing to grab his wallet, he told investigators.

-- Detroit Free Press