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Write-in votes for seat result in tie

The Akron Central School District still doesn't know who will fill the empty seat on its Board of Education.

Only one candidate filed petitions to run for the two available seats on the board, so district officials counted on write-in ballots to decide who would take the second seat.

But two people received the same number of write-in votes Tuesday.

The district now is waiting to find out whether both, one -- or, worst of all, neither -- of the two wants the job, and whether it will have to hold a run-off election.

"We'll cross that bridge when it comes," said Roxanne Redmann, the district clerk.

The district finds itself in this unusual fix because only one of two incumbents decided to seek another term on the board.

Daniel Caprio ran again and received 420 votes, but Jody Brege chose to leave the board at the end of her current term.

Voters could write in the name of a favored candidate, and a few dozen did.

Janice Rosenberg, the retired district clerk, and William Murty, president of the Akron Sports Inc. youth sports program, each received 11 votes.

It's hard to believe voters spontaneously decided to cast a ballot for Rosenberg or Murty, without at least some encouragement from them.

But it wasn't immediately known how much of an effort either one made to win the election, and neither returned phone calls seeking comment.

The district has informed Rosenberg and Murty of the situation, and they have five days to formally accept or reject their write-in victories.

The neatest way to wrap up the race would be if only one, but not the other, accepts the position.

If both accept, Redmann said, the district would hold a run-off election.

And if neither accepts?

"That is another question that is in our attorney's office," she said.