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The New Phoenix Theatre on the Park, continuing its happy tradition of exploding theatrical conventions, has teamed up with the Buffalo Soundpainting Ensemble to present an unorthodox series of performances called "The Devil's Castle."

Soundpainting, both a language and an artistic mode, was invented in 1974 by composer Walter Thompson and has since expanded to encompass more than 1,200 individual gestures, each of which serves an instruction from a director to a group of assembled performers. The Soundpainting Ensemble, under the direction of local actor Christian Brandjes, will present a series of performance workshops based on the 1903 memoirs of Daniel Schreber. The performance, according to a release, "uses voices and gestures to evoke the legend of Cassandra, the prophetess whom no one believed, and Schreber, who believed himself to be the wife of God."

The show, which opens at 8 tonight and runs through May 26 in the New Phoenix Theatre (95 Johnson Park), features Jennifer Fitzery, Kristen Tripp Kelley, Toni Smith Wilson, Susan Drozd, Todd Benzin and Kate Olena. Tickets are $25 or $15 for students, with more information available at 853-1334 or

-- Colin Dabkowski