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Sitting pretty on 'Thrones'

I have been raving about Peter Dinklage since the very first episode of HBO's "Game of Thrones." By the second episode, I was confidently predicting he'd win the Emmy for his characterization of acid-tongued Tyrion Lannister. He did. Now I'm not claiming credit for his success or his awards -- he also won a Golden Globe -- but I feel I was at least slightly ahead of the moment; prescient, again, if you want a $10 word for it.

Now the handsome Mr. Dinklage is on the cover of Rolling Stone, interviewed by Brian Hiatt. The actor is just as amusing as himself as he is in "Game of Thrones." He talks about the dragons on the show -- "I met 'em. They're nice guys. They like to party." About his adolescence, which wasn't too cheery -- "Now I am so depressed. Can't we talk about 'Singin' in the Rain,' or something?' " ... And his resistance to appearing on talk shows, venting over his problems as a little person -- "I have a friend who says 'the world doesn't need another angry dwarf!'"

Peter's not angry, however. He's happy with his career, wife and new baby.

And wait till you see the Rolling Stone cover. He looks like a sexy rock star.


There was an SRO crowd at Cipriani 42 Street the night President Obama was in New York, but this crowd was gathered for "The Gloria Awards: A Salute to Women of Vision" and Gloria Steinem deservedly got most of the kudos. They gave her two standing ovations and both Gloria and her co-founder, Marlo Thomas, noted the huge Corinthian columns and the grandeur of the room -- which used to be a bank! Gloria said the standing of women had improved with a deserted bank offering more posh accommodations for females and Marlo said we'd take the banks down one by one! The honorees were -- young to old -- all outstanding in what they have accomplished for the Ms. Foundation and their own enterprises, be it Planned Parenthood or Jobs with Justice.

My table had been provided by philanthropist-documentary maker Perri Peltz and was meant as a salute to all the honorees. But we at the table were particularly devoted to our Wow woman -- the great and beautiful Sheila Nevins of HBO. The excerpts from 1,000 documentaries she has made were staggering in their complexity, from Elaine Stritch to movie stars-into-nuns to French movie director Roman Polanski to tiny child prostitutes and several wounded veterans. Sheila hadn't missed anything trenchant.

Ms. magazine celebrates being 40 years old this year and next year the Foundation itself becomes 40. The donors to the Women's Funding Network have raised more than $200 million to help women worldwide.

As Gloria stood with some of us to be photographed, I could only marvel at her stamina and courage. And, to think, when I met her some 45 years ago, I thought she was just another pretty face! I had a lot to learn.


"It takes years for me to trust; I know that about myself. A lot of it is because I am so private, and so reluctant to make myself vulnerable. I was very open when I was young, but celebrity teaches you. You learn to cope with intense scrutiny." That's "Dark Shadows" star Michelle Pfeiffer, talking with Parade magazine.

Pfeiffer is celebrating the 19th anniversary of her marriage to producer David E. Kelley, and beginning to suffer empty-nest syndrome as her children go off to college. The eternally beautiful actress says, "People make a lot of jokes about it. But it's no laughing matter. I feel like I'm going to cry just talking about it!"