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Trivia Quiz

1. Who owned the mill where gold was discovered in 1848 to set off the great California gold rush?

2. Name the nation that claims to have the only elected monarch in the world.

3. In baseball, is the third baseman or shortstop likely to have the better throwing arm?

4. Meteorites are meteoroids that have done what?

5. An octopus has eight arms. How many arms has a squid?

6. The layer of soil beneath the surface soil is the

7. What city is the capital of Texas?

8. When angered, the anole literally turns red in the face. What is the anole?

9. Tecumseh was a famous member of what Indian tribe?

10. The $10,000 bill, which is not in general circulation, has a portrait of what Supreme Court member?



1. John Sutter.

2. Malaysia.

3. Shortstop, as that player is often in a deeper infield position than is the third baseman for throwing to first base.

4. Landed on earth.

5. Ten.

6. Subsoil.

7. Austin.

8. A small lizard.

9. Shawnee.

10. Salmon P. Chase, a Supreme Court justice from 1796 to 1811.